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Legend of Naftalan

It was in ancient times, at the beginning of the 6th century AD. The caravan of merchants passed by the town , where now is the city naphthalene . In these places there were many lakes of muddy water. To prevent damage to the camels, drove them from the water .

In a camel caravan was different from his other fellow thinness and disease . He did not stand on his feet and was moaning so loudly that infuriated his master. So much so, that the caravan -bashi ordered the dismissal of a sick animal from the caravan : " It is better to die poisoned by toxic water local lakes , than to live with the painful disease . "

Leaving a sick camel caravan on the dying continued on their way . On the way back , ran through the same place where it was left to the sick animal , the owner noticed a lone camel caravan , having learned it estranged . Camel appeared to recover, cheerful and in good health . All the people of the caravan, who knew that the camel was very surprised by this fact. It was decided to follow the animal. To the amazement of the people , the camel would often go into the murky water of lakes, swimming in it, and went ashore to relax under the sun.

People have found that under the turbidity of water was black oily liquid and realized that the healing of the sick animal is associated with it. People smeared with the wounds of hands and feet that black oil was soon convinced of the healing properties of oily lakes , the wounds have healed . Since the population of near - lying villages began to use the magic liquid, such as drug and because of its similarity with the conventional oil , and later gave it the name - " NAFTALAN."