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How to get to Naftalan

Naftalan city is located 330 km from the capital of Azerbaijan , Baku , and from the second largest city of Azerbaijan, Ganja - 45 km .

The city Naftalan can be reached by truck traveling from Baku to Ganja first station Geran, and from there , breaking the 20 km by bus or taxi.
Of Ganja in the passenger vehicle can go straight to naphthalene or first in Goranboy city , and from there by bus or taxi to get to town naphthalene .

Until Naftalan can be reached by rail , the person who departs from Baku and Ganja Station Geran, and the station - by bus or taxi.

The closest way for foreign visitors is the flight from the international airport of Ganja, where they can get to the city of Ganja by public transport or by taxi, and from Ganja - by any of the above to get to town naphthalene .

On a contractual basis can be arranged shipping guests straight from the airport to the resort Naftalan Ganja and back.